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“Through photography I can craft stories and capture a moment in time and make it eternal.  One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is creating fun and intimate portraits with couples.”

A lover of film photography, Alexis’ passion for the craft began in the darkroom.  Creating tangible art and finding creative ways to share it with others was unlike anything else she had done before.  After taking film courses in high school, she attended College of Charleston to pursue a fine art degree in photography.  A New York native, Alexis found herself enamored with southern culture in the lowcountry and decided to call Charleston home.

A self-declared caffeine addict and foodie, Alexis enjoys sampling the eclectic cafes and restaurants on the Charleston peninsula.  It’s also just as likely to find her bar-side with her husband cheering for her beloved Buffalo Bills (Run Deep!).  When not out and about, this mom-to-be has embraced nesting and has been bitten by the interior design bug.  From shopping for interesting home furnishings to binge watching HGTV, she’s revamping a home for two (and a couple of cats!) to prepare for becoming a family of three.

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