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Kristen & John { White Point Gardens Wedding }

Featuring gorgeous grounds, sprawling oaks, and endless rustic charm, a White Point Gardens wedding is always a stunning event.  With many quiet avenues and cobblestone lanes nearby, the park is the perfect spot for intimate gatherings with portraits – exactly what Kristen and John envisioned for their nuptials.  Alexis met up with the bride-to-be at The Vendue Inn and immediately fell in love with her chic gown with embellished sides and back.  John was there as well, anxious for the first look, quite dapper himself in a tux with a white bow tie.  Surrounded by wrought iron and polished marble, the duo were so elegant.

Along with their family, they walked out into Waterfront Park and posed for photos beneath the trees.  The harbor stretched on forever behind them as the marsh drifted lazily on the quiet waters.  Alexis framed the duo between trees, beneath stone archways and in some of Charleston’s iconic brick and iron storefronts.  It wouldn’t have mattered where they were, Kristen and John were thrilled just to be together moments from getting married.  As they walked into the park, they were greeted by the wide branches of the oaks stretching overhead and the patchwork of shadow on the ground at their feet.

The gazebo in the center of White Point Gardens is perfect for weddings of any size.  Their guests gathered around the couple, the duo stood in the center and swore to love one another for all time.  Then, Alexis was treated to an elated couple dancing by themselves.  John dipped Kristen and his new bride held on tightly and flashed a wide grin.  It was the happy ending that the day deserved.

Thank you both so much for bringing us along for your lovely wedding day, and we wish you health and happiness in the many years to come.  Congratulations again!

Photographer: Alexis | Editor: Meredith



Pre-Ceremony: The Vendue Inn | Ceremony: White Point Gardens

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