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Haley was on the peninsula recently for some Downtown Charleston engagement portraits and we’re elated to share our favorites with you today.  Featuring gorgeous natural spaces, historic architecture and unending charm, the Holy City is the perfect location to get the perfect photos to celebrate your engagement.  For Amy and Dennis, they couldn’t think of a better place and Amy should know, she’s a wedding planner by trade.  She and her fiancee wanted to celebrate each other in their engagement portraits, as well as bring in their babies for some lively moments with the adorable pups!

The duo dressed to match with both opting for Charleston casual dress in a few shades of blue.  They looked comfortable leaned up against some of the city’s famous wrought iron.  Gorgeous labs sat quietly in front of them, one chocolate and one yellow, both taking in their surroundings and looking so cute doing so.  Haley led them through some shaded gardens to a few staircases in front of renovated homes.  The classic Charleston architecture and their dazzling smiles combined for beautiful and serene photos.  We just love their personalities shining through as they ignored the camera and just focused on one another.

Haley found a few backdrops that were perfect for the duo, including an ivy covered wall and a peach facade.  Both locations brought out the blues in their outfits, putting the couple at the forefront.  Amy’s smile is so adorable as it spreads to her eyes.  She looked as though she was having a blast.  A bright pink building close to the Battery rounded out the day and we were treated to a lovely kiss as things drew to a close.

Thank you so much for inviting us along on a fun afternoon with you and your puppies.   We also had a blast at your wedding and will be sharing that stunning event very soon!  Congratulations again!

Photographer & Editor: Haley


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With miles of coastline and beautiful sands, Charleston’s the perfect place for a ceremony by the waves.  A recent Folly Beach wedding featured some groomsmen shenanigans, a gorgeous bride, and too many laughs to count.  The day began with Rachel meeting up with Jaclyn as she was finishing up her bridal look.  Her beautiful dress featured a lace top with plunging back and an airy skirt perfect for the beach.  Lace patterned sandals completed the fun ensemble.  Rachel snapped a few bridal portraits as Jaclyn was making sure everything was perfect and the bride-to-be looked amazing!

Meanwhile, the groomsmen and their ringleader Casey were enjoying a hot dog bar and some suds before the wedding.  Casey’s three-piece navy blue suit with sea-foam tie looked fantastic as he was the picture of calm and collected.  Even a quick peek at Jaclyn in her dress couldn’t stir up butterflies, though the smiles weren’t in short supply.  The duo looked so great together on the deck overlooking the ocean, ready to tackle whatever came next.

Guests were encouraged to kick off their shoes and head down to the shore for the ceremony.  A lovely arbor draped with leaves and a gossamer fabric added a natural splash of green against the tan and blue of the beach.  The light-colored wooden chairs added to the airy atmosphere, and we love the candles and hurricane lanterns.  The low country flair was so beautiful.  Jaclyn and Casey looked adoringly at one another while standing beneath the arbor, reciting their vows.  Beneath dazzling sunlight on a gorgeous clear day, the duo became newlyweds and raised their arms in triumph.  What a moment!

The newlyweds went on a small adventure with Rachel and were more than willing to let out a little energy by climbing up on a wall and looking out over the ocean.  We adore couples that want to break away from the posed portraits and put their own personal touch on a wedding tradition.  With their guests partying not far away, they just wanted to be with each other.  In the fading light, they shared a few intimate moments, lost with each other in this new chapter.

Thank you so much for letting us join you for such a beautiful day.  We want to wish you all the best as you move forward together.  Congratulations again!!!

Photographer: Rachel | Editor: Ruta



Bridal Hair: Charleston Lash & Beauty Bar | Florist: Forever Flowers | Gown Designer: Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta

Gown Boutique: Wedding Angels | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: David’s Bridal | Groomsmen Attire: Jos. A. Bank

Caterer: Salthouse Catering | Pies: Gala Desserts | DJ: Bunn DJ Company | Rentals: Snyder Events

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Along with its historic houses and modern venues, Charleston has an abundance of outdoor locales perfect for couples looking to add natural beauty to their days.  A Magnolia Plantation wedding features some of the area’s most beautiful gardens and stunning vistas, splashes of color amidst a palette of evergreen.  For Jess and Caleb, the Plantation’s Carriage House and manicured lawn was the ideal choice for their intimate wedding.  Ruta met up with Jess just as she was finishing her bridal look.  She was breathtaking in an off-the-shoulder ballgown intricately tied with ribbons in the back.  Strapped white sandals and a bouquet of blues and violets were lovely compliments to such a gorgeous gown.  Out on the plantation grounds, waiting patiently for Jess’ arrival, Caleb was quite handsome himself in his tux and powder blue vest.  The bow tie though, that’s the show stopper.

Iron hurricane lanterns lined a path leading to one of the plantation’s huge live oaks.  A beautiful arbor draped with vines and adorned with flowers greeted the guests as they took their seats.  The flower girls were so adorable in their white dresses with lavender ribbons around the waist.  They looked like they were having such a great time being a part of the ceremony.  With Spanish moss hanging all around them, Jess and Caleb recited their vows and shared a sweet kiss.  They were newlyweds!  After taking a few moments to celebrate with their family and friends, and pose for a few photos, the duo headed off with Ruta for their newlywed portraits.  The plantation’s iconic white bridge added a touch of southern charm and the beards of moss speckled across the trees added that little natural beauty that brings everything together.

Back at the Carriage House, the party was gearing up.  Glass spheres were hung with lanterns, creating a glittering canopy across the exposed wood.  White linens and rich brown chairs were complimented beautifully by white lanterns and floral centerpieces.  The room invited you in with hopes that you’d sit down, grab some delicious food and a cocktail, and catch up with friends.  The dance floor heated up as night fell and Jess and Caleb were in the middle of the madness, with smiles that never faded.  Their love shone brighter than the twinkle lights above and it was a beautiful end to such a lovely day.

Thank you both for bringing us along on this adventure, and we wish you all the best as you move into their new chapter of your lives together.  Congratulations again, it was a blast!

Photographer: Ruta



Venue: Magnolia Plantation & Gardens | Gown Boutique: David’s Bridal | Grooms Attire: Mens Wearhouse | Florist: OK Florist

Caterer: Crazy Dutchman | Hair Stylist: Palmetto Salon | DJ: Lowcountry Entertainment | Rentals: Snyder Events

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A Boone Hall Plantation wedding is a testament to the natural beauty and southern charm of the Charleston area.  The plantation itself boasts a palette of endless green beside the calm, dark waters of Horlbeck Creek.  For Kara and Drew’s simple yet rustic wedding, the setting was absolutely perfect.  College sweethearts, the duo envisioned exchanging their vows under the plantation’s wide oaks, and Meredith was there from the beginning to capture all of the lovely moments.  When she arrived, Kara was putting the finishing touches on her bridal look – a vintage lace gown, pale pink and gold sandals and a beautiful bouquet of pale pink flowers.  Alongside her bridesmaids dressed in subdued cornflower blue, she was absolutely stunning.  And what about the adorable flower girl in her own little white dress?  So cute!

We absolutely adore Drew’s debonair ensemble of a tie-less slate grey suit and stylish loafers.  He looked cool and collected waiting beneath the wide branches of a live oak for a romantic first look at Kara.  Like us, he was in awe at how beautiful she was.  The tree and its low branches became the perfect backdrop for their first look portraits, especially with Drew perching himself on one of the limbs.  Meredith even convinced Kara to join him in the tree, carefully of course, and we love the duo’s adventurous spirit.  After a quick stop in front of the lovely azalea bushes (for that blast of springtime pink) it was time for the big moment.

Next to the field of horses adjacent to the avenue of oaks, lines of dark brown chairs were adorned with bits of greenery and a stylish board atop a wrought iron stand greeted arriving guests.  Sunlight slanted through the heavy branches, creating a patchwork of shine and shadow adding a bit of natural charm to the ceremony. Kara and Drew looked perfect together as they exchanged their vows and, one kiss later, it was time to celebrate.  They were newlyweds!  After some portraits with their families, Kara and Drew headed down to the Cotton Dock for their portraits and we love the moments with them wrapped up in each other with the water and marsh stretching behind them.  For a wedding focused on southern charm with a vintage feel, this was perfect!

The exposed wood of the Cotton Dock is the ideal complement to nearly every palette.  The space was easily transformed with hurricane lanterns and periwinkle linens with hints of light peach dotted throughout.  The space was incredibly inviting and the guests had a blast!  The space honoring those who couldn’t attend was a beautiful touch.  After a few dances and lots of delicious food and drink, it was time for Kara and Drew to bid their guests adieu and venture out into the night.  Beneath a shower of sparklers, they stole away into the evening ready to chase their next adventure.

Thank you both for inviting us to share in your day with you.  We had a great time!  We wish you the best in your future together and congratulations again!

Photographer: Meredith | Editor: Alexis



Venue: Boone Hall Plantation | Gown Boutique: The Wedding Dress Shoppe | Gown Designer: Ti Adora

Bridesmaids Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu | Grooms & Groomsmen: Jos A. Bank | Florist: Wildflowers, Inc.

Caterer: Sticky Fingers | Cake Artist: Publix | Hair & Make-Up: Eye Do Make-Up and Hair | DJ: Pinnacle

Event Rentals: Snyder & Ooh! | Officiant: Powell Osteen | Rings: Diamonds Direct

Invitations: Alexa Nelson Prints | Videographer: Adam Cumbo Films

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Haley spent some time in downtown Charleston recently for an intimate and beautiful Hampton Park wedding and we’re so excited to share the day to you!  Nestled near the Citadel campus away from some of Charleston’s busier streets, Hampton Park offers a quiet beauty that is unmatched.  Hilary’s bridal ensemble was perfect for the outdoor ceremony – a light, one-shoulder mermaid gown accented by a baby’s breath clasp in her hair.  Christopher was quite dashing himself in his light grey three-piece with dark blue tie.  Hampton Park’s sprawling oaks were the perfect backdrop for the couple’s beautiful first look, and we adore the look on Christopher’s face at seeing his wife-to-be.  After a few lovely portraits it was time to say their vows and make it all official!

The park’s natural beauty served as an ideal arbor for the short ceremony, with the duo exchanging beautiful words to one another.  A sweet kiss later and it was official, the knot had been tied!  Haley took the time to snap a few newlywed portraits amidst the trees before everyone headed off to the Spectator Hotel for some celebratory drinks.  Beneath the warm light of a chandelier, the dark hues of the bar’s polished wood accented the duo beautifully.  We love the décor of the bar, especially the case of books.  The details complimented the portraits.

Back outside on the streets of Charleston, the newlyweds met up with a few guests for more fun portraits. The energy in the pictures is palpable and Haley picked perfect colors for the backgrounds with the light yellow and grey matching the duo’s elegance.  An open barn door with polished wood framed the duo beautifully.  After some stops against an ivy-covered wall and then inside of an arched entrance, it was time to say goodbye to the day and Hilary and Christopher did so with a kiss in the middle of a cobblestone street.  It was a fitting end to an intimate wedding day!

Thank you both so much for allowing us to join in your beautiful day.  We wish you both nothing but health and happiness. Congratulations again!

Photographer: Haley | Editor: Meredith



Venue: Hampton Park

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