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Charleston’s parks can be beautiful backdrops for a lively and fun wedding day.  A recent White Point Gardens wedding showcased one of the area’s lovely green spaces, giving Alexis plenty to photograph as she spent time with Samantha, Matthew, and their families.  The bride and her entourage were getting ready off of Ashley Avenue when Alexis arrived, and we’re still in awe of how amazing Samantha looked.  Her vintage styled gown was complimented beautifully by beading at the shoulders and the waist, matched by silver beading on her open toed bridal heels.  Standing next to Matthew, in his blue suit and puce bow tie, the duo looked fantastic.  She held to his side, and they smiled at each other.  Their happiness was just tangible, and it showed through in each lovely photo.

The gazebo in the center of the park was the perfect location for the ceremony.  Huge live oaks cast wide shadows across the grounds with sunlight filtering through the canopy of branches.  Samantha and Matthew stood amidst their intimate group of friends and family and shared a promise to love one another forever.  With a gentle breeze rolling off of the harbor, the duo became newlyweds, wrapping it all up and sealing it with a sweet kiss.  It was time for portraits, drinks, and delectable food!

The beautiful atmosphere of the park was an ideal backdrop for newlywed portraits.  We simply adore how adventurous the couple was and how much they just wanted to be with each other.  They laughed and danced, and we even had a lift thrown in there for grins.  They looked so fantastic with the sunset glittering off of the water behind them as they trekked along the Battery.  The phenomenal portraits are a lasting reminder of this wonderful day and we’re so blessed to have been a part of it.

Thank you both so much for bringing us along, we had a blast!  We wish you all of the best in the many, many years to come.  Congratulations again!

Photographer: Alexis | Editor: Ruta



Venue: White Point Gardens | Cocktail Hour: Victor’s Social Club | Reception: Michael’s On the Alley

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We always look forward to downtown Charleston engagement portraits because the city has so much beauty that every experience offers something new.  Ruta recently spent time with newly engaged Kaitlin and Mark as they celebrated their milestone together, and we’re elated to share some of our favorite moments with you today!  Denim ruled the day as both opted for blue jeans.  Kaitlin complimenting hers with a long sleeved cream sweater and black ankle boots.  Mark looked quite stylish in a zip-up green turtleneck sweater and brown shoes.   Sitting on a park bench at White Point Gardens surrounded by oaks and hanging Spanish moss, they looked comfortable and ready to find a bit of adventure along the historic Charleston streets.

Ruta guided them through the neighborhoods, looking for the perfect backdrops, capturing candid kisses and quiet jokes with sly smiles.  It’s impossible to not fall in love with these two as their love toward one another rushes forth with every photo.  Whether it was a distressed pastel pink wall, an aged brick walkway, or quiet courtyard, they lit up every photo.  They ventured back up a cobblestone path to the Battery to capture the pink and blue hues of dusk over the water.  With the sky a painted tapestry of colors, the duo glowed as they shared a few romantic moments with the Harbor drifting lazily behind them.  Mark took Kaitlin’s face in his hands and gave her a sweet kiss, creating a gorgeous portrait that we’re still talking about.  They were so wonderful together!

Thank you both for allowing us to be a part of such a beautiful day.  We’re looking forward to your wedding this coming Autumn and can’t wait to see what new surprises await us then!  Congratulations in advance and we will see you soon!

Photographer: Ruta | Editor: Alexis


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Shannon recently ventured just north of Charleston to Mount Pleasant for a beautiful Patriots Point Links wedding and we’re excited to share our favorite moments with you today!  With its manicured greens and country club atmosphere, Patriots Point Links is a beautiful venue for a classic wedding – perfect for Codee and Tom.  Shannon met up with the bride-to-be as she was spending time with her bridesmaids.  She was lovely in her flowing white cotton gown complimented by sparkly gold strapped heels.  She looked amazing walking down the beaten path to meet with Tom for their first look. He was quite handsome himself in his striking blue three-piece suit, complimented by the widest smile after Codee tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to see her for the first time.

The duo laughed and danced a little bit by the white fence while Shannon snapped away.  We love that their happiness lit up everything around them and that they were completely at home with one another.  They found a spot overlooking the Cooper River for some romantic portraits.  We especially love the photo of the two sharing a kiss with the pale pink beach grass rustling around them in the cool breeze.  And as much as we would have loved hours of just those portraits, there was a ceremony to get to!

With the river flowing serenely in the background, dozens of guests poured in for the beautiful ceremony.  They were invited to leave a message for the couple inside of a treasure chest before taking a seat.  Two beautiful white floral sprays were the perfect choice to accent where the couple would stand, bringing even more natural beauty to such a breathtaking location.  The duo held hands, recited their vows, and shared a sweet kiss before tying the knot tightly.  Then it was time to party!

An enormous tent with a lovely billowing ceiling was a fantastic element of the reception, creating an open and inviting atmosphere perfect for reconnecting with family and friends.  With white throughout punctuated by small hints of green and blush pink, the room glowed beneath the string lights and chandeliers.  Guests dined on delectable food from Duvall, and the late night snack of McDonald’s cheeseburgers was a welcomed treat after hours of celebration.  Everyone danced the night away, sharing laughs and lots of love along the way.  And in the center of it all were Codee and Tom, twirling beneath the lights and just living in the beautiful moment their love created.

Thank you both so much for bringing us along on this journey. We wish you all of the best in the many years to come.  Congratulations again!

Photographer: Shannon | Editor: Ruta



Venue: Patriots Point Links | Gown Boutique: White | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Florist, Caterer, & Cake Artist: Duvall | Hair & Make-Up: Pampered and Pretty | Invitations: Christine Dorsey

Musician: East Coast Entertainment | Videographer: Paragon Filmworks | Coordination: Pamela Morgan Events

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Meredith headed just north of Charleston recently for a lovely, coastal-themed Alhambra Hall wedding and we’re so happy to share her experiences with you today!  Featuring breathtaking views of Charleston harbor, Alhambra Hall is perfect for any wedding theme and those timeless portraits you’ll never want to stop looking at.  For outdoor enthusiasts Kathleen and Ben, the location was perfect, and we loved every moment of their wedding.  Kathleen was GORGEOUS in her lace gown complimented by pearl earrings and a beautiful white anemone bouquet.  She looked perfect walking alongside the white fence and grove of bamboo as she met with Ben for their first-look.

Ben was quite handsome himself in his navy suit and baby blue tie as he waited coolly for Kathleen to arrive.  She tapped him on the shoulder and the look on his face when he turned was priceless. It was a mixture of pure emotion and awe.  Together they held onto one another and he kissed her forehead in a sweet moment we adored!  Meredith took the opportunity to capture some lovely bridal portraits as well with Kathleen surrounded by all of the natural beauty Alhambra Hall’s grounds offered.

The outdoor ceremony space at Alhambra Hall is a few beautiful oaks overlooking the gently flowing waters of the Cooper River.  Later in the afternoon, the sun glitters off of the rippling river to create a golden glow for a picturesque ceremony.  Bouquets and ribbons sat at the end of each row of chairs creating an aisle that matched the natural beauty surrounding it.  Kathleen and Ben met beneath the trees by the water and exchanged their vows, sharing a kiss to make everything official.  They were newlyweds, and they were ready to celebrate!

The Hall’s high windows, white vaulted ceiling, and exposed polished beams create a bright and inviting atmosphere perfect for the beautiful reception taking place.  Throughout the space, bright blue and ivory tablecloths held silver and gold votive candles surrounding anemones.  Guests took turns signing a polished wood embossed with the couple’s names and their wedding date in lieu of a traditional guestbook.  While the party was getting started inside, Kathleen and Ben were spending time by the water, sharing ideas for what trouble to get into next.  As the sun set behind them, they headed back inside but not before Ben could sweep her up for one last kiss.  It was such a beautiful moment and a fitting end to such a romantic day.

Thank you both for choosing Studio Adele to capture your wedding.  We had a great time getting to know you and your family and wish all of you nothing but the best in the many years to come!  Congratulations again!

Photographer: Meredith | Editor: Alexis



Venue: Alhambra Hall | Gown Boutique: Here & Now Bridal | Gown Design: Madison James | Florist: Tiger Lily Weddings

Bridesmaids Dresses: Vow to Be Chic  |  Caterer: Hamby Catering  |  Desserts: Cupcake Down South

Hair & Make-Up: Bohemia Salon | Band: Emerald Empire Band | Transportation: Carolina’s Executive Limo Line

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Haley was recently in downtown Charleston for some lovely Hampton Park portraits and we’re excited to share her favorite moments with you today!  Located near the Citadel campus in the heart of Charleston, Hampton Park offers beautiful trails and a large lake with a lovely bridge perfect for idyllic portraits.  For outdoor enthusiasts Jennifer and Christopher, there was no better location for their after wedding portraits.  She was absolutely stunning in a blue lace dress with a silver brooch in her hair.  A beautiful grey and pearl bouquet was a gorgeous compliment and rounded out her ensemble nicely.  Christopher was quite handsome himself in a grey three-piece suit with a blue tie to match Jennifer’s dress.  Together, they were stunning surrounded by the lovely greens and bright flowers of the park.

The duo were joined by their families for a few portraits but were on their own for most of the time.  Haley took them down path after path, selecting backdrops of Spanish moss and wildflowers, but we just adore their portraits in front of the live oaks.  They held onto one another, spun and danced, sharing laughs beneath the wide branches.  Their adventure took them through the huge gazebo at the entrance to the park, where they had a few lighthearted moments chitchatting by the white rail, to the water near the back where they rested.  Through every stop, their smiles never faded and they had a blast.  Christopher even swooped Jennifer into a dip – her laughter echoing through the trees.

Thank you both for bringing us along for your beautiful day.  We enjoyed getting to know you and wish you both all the best as you move forward in your new lives together.  Congratulations!

Photographer: Haley | Editor: Alexis


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