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Erin & Jonathan { Magnolia Plantation Proposal }

Every now and again, life catches you completely by surprise, grabs you by the elbow and jerks you down a path you weren’t intending to take.  During a recent Magnolia Plantation proposal, bride-to-be Erin found herself in that position with Jonathan down on one knee, asking to share the rest of his life with her.  The scene was perfectly set, with the plantation’s iconic white bridge the location and live oaks and Spanish moss hanging over the pond’s dark water.  Magnolia’s charm is undeniable and on this day, it was simply stunning.  Oh, and she said, “Yes!”

We love proposal shoots.  It’s not often you get to capture such a touching moment in people’s lives and do so in a way that catches the very real emotions at play.  So, when we get asked, of course we jump at the chance.  Erin and Jonathan looked so great together before the proposal, just walking in the gardens but afterwards?  They were beaming!  Erin was so beautiful in her blue maxi dress that brought out the deep blue of her eyes.  Jonathan was equally as handsome in a patterned shirt and distressed jeans with loafers.  Getting down on one knee isn’t easy, but he made it look simple.

Magnolia Plantation is one of Charleston’s most beautiful venues.  The white bridge is one of the main attractions but we love the manicured lawns and huge oaks throughout the plantation.  The waterfront was a lovely backdrop for the duo as they held onto each other, each a bit lost in the dizzying feeling that comes with a proposal.  Their smiles never faded as they ventured with Alexis from place to place, eventually settling beneath a huge live oak together and rested for just a little while.  Alexis captured the serene moment perfectly and glitter on Erin’s left hand shone through to her eyes.  It is a look that we won’t soon forget.

Thank you so much for inviting us along for such an amazing day in your lives.  Congratulations again!

Photographer & Editor: Alexis


Venue: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

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